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Case Studies

Bringing People Together

At Tucker Media Group, we specialize in high-quality live-streaming capabilities that allow organizations to bring geographically disparate groups together around a singular event. Our cutting-edge technology and experienced team ensure seamless communication and engagement, regardless of location. With TMG, you can create branded, real-time events that bridge distances and foster connection.

GoPro image logo


In an era where digital connectivity is paramount, Tucker Media Group (TMG) has successfully redefined the landscape of internal corporate communication through a groundbreaking partnership with GoPro. By addressing the critical need for high-quality, engaging global all-hands town hall meetings, TMG has not only met but surpassed expectations, setting a new standard in the process.

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2022 Olympics - Pandas

Beijing Olympics

For the 2022 Beijing Olympics, Tucker Media Group (TMG) delivered a groundbreaking suite of 3D animations, captivating global audiences with dynamic visuals of the mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen, and perfectly embodying the Olympic spirit. This collaboration set new standards for event entertainment, showcasing TMG’s unmatched ability to create engaging, culturally resonant content on a vast international stage.

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ICC 2023

Inductive Automation

Tucker Media Group (TMG) elevated the 2023 Ignition Community Conference for Inductive Automation, seamlessly connecting 4,700 live and online attendees to showcase industrial software innovations. Tasked with blending live staging, video production, and global streaming, TMG delivered an engaging, cohesive experience that highlighted the software’s industry-transforming capabilities.

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Nutanix Town Hall produced by TMG


TMG partners with Nutanix to provide AV and event support for global internal communications. As an integrated team member, TMG offers creative engagement, staging, lighting, video editing, live switching, and logistical support for video conferencing and C-level Town Hall meetings. This collaboration helps Nutanix achieve enhanced operational efficiencies and seamless events across all campuses worldwide.

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Young Life Feature Image

Young Life International

Tucker Media Group brilliantly connected global audiences with “Young Life International’s Walk with Me Celebration,” masterfully showcasing leadership across Africa and the Middle East. Through meticulously produced digital content, TMG brought diverse ministries into viewers’ living rooms, fostering a profound sense of community, understanding, and shared purpose across 27 countries.

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Focus On The Family Feature Image

Focus on The Family

Tucker Media Group elevated Focus on The Family’s See Life event, transforming it into a digital marvel streamed to over 20,000 viewers. With live, multilingual presentations celebrating family values, this event demonstrated TMG’s technical and logistical mastery. It reached a worldwide audience and established a new benchmark for inclusive, large-scale virtual events, showcasing the potential for global connectivity.

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ArcScan Feature Image


Tucker Media Group highlighted ArcScan’s revolutionary ultrasound scanning technology for ophthalmology in a live-streamed demo, captivating global investors. This critical event, broadcast from the US to China, showcased the technology’s accuracy and promise, resulting in a substantial $10 million investment, a significant achievement marking a new phase in medical technology investment and international collaboration.

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