Beijing Olympics

2022 Beijing Olympics


Tucker Media Group (TMG) was selected to provide a comprehensive suite of 3D animations for the 2022 Beijing Olympics. The objective was to enhance the spectator experience with animation sequences and capture the essence of the Olympic spirit through the event’s mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen. This project demonstrated TMG’s ability to deliver innovative solutions on a global stage.


The 2022 Beijing Olympics sought captivating animation to engage audiences worldwide and enhance the atmosphere of the event. The Beijing Olympic Committee sought a partner capable of producing multiple animations to reflect the spirit of the games and showcase their mascot in a vibrant, engaging manner.

The overarching challenge was to create a suite of animations that could appeal to a global audience while advancing the spirit of the Olympics. This included developing animations for 15 individual sports, venue opening animations, victory ceremonies, and interactive games, all within strict timelines and the high standards expected of the Olympic Games.


TMG was engaged for its expertise in 3D animation and its proven track record in delivering high-quality visual content for large-scale events. Efforts centered around creating a suite of animations that were both visually compelling and multiculturally resonant, enhancing the live viewing experience for the audience through a sense of global unity.

Implementation Details:

  • Creative Development: TMG conceptualized and produced over 120 animations featuring the Olympics mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen, across various sports and ceremonies.
  • Technical Execution: TMG utilized cutting-edge 3D animation techniques to ensure high-quality, engaging content suitable for large-scale projection and broadcast.
  • Collaborative Process: TMG collaborated closely with the Beijing Olympics Committee to align the animations with the overall vision and themes of the games, ensuring that each piece contributed to a memorable experience.


The animation suite was successful in enhancing the spectator experience through its impact through the power of visual storytelling. The project underscored the importance of creativity, innovation, and close collaboration between TMG and the Beijing Olympics Committee. TMG continues to leverage animation in storytelling to enhance live event experiences, achieve communication objectives, and elevate brands.

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The 2022 Beijing Olympics project represents a milestone in using technology to enhance human connection and global unity through sport.

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