GoPro All-hands Town Hall Internal Meetings


Tucker Media Group (TMG) was selected by GoPro, an international leader in action cameras, to enhance the quality of their global internal All-Hands Town Hall meetings. TMG was expected to take production quality to a higher level than GoPro’s internal capabilities allowed.

TMG integrated with GoPro’s teams to successfully connect 12 GoPro campuses worldwide and produce live, interactive, and engaging meetings for all employees. TMG would need to set new technical and creative standards for these interactive meetings and set a goal to exceed senior management’s expectations through elevated creative and new production criteria for the meetings going forward.


GoPro sought to reflect its external brand profile, brand promise, and commitment to quality through its internal communications. The All-Hands Town Hall meetings are crucial for employee engagement and strategic alignment globally.

However, the self-produced events did not meet the company’s production-quality standards in reflecting its brand promise. Issues included inconsistent video and audio quality, limited interaction opportunities for remote participants, and a lack of production polish that could detract from the key messages being communicated. This led to a search for an external partner.


TMG was selected for its high-quality live-event and video production and digital streaming expertise. TMG’s expertise elevated the creative and production values of the meetings. ensuring a seamless, engaging experience for all GoPro employees, regardless of their location.

Implementation Details:

  • Technical Integration: TMG collaborated with GoPro’s IT and media departments to integrate cutting-edge streaming technology and production practices that ensured high-definition video and clear audio.
  • Global Coordination: TMG organized simultaneous live streams connecting all 12 campuses across the globe, enabling real-time interactivity to foster an immersive sense of unity.
  • Content Production: TMG enhanced production practices, and improved content quality through creative approaches, professional directing, switching, and graphics, all to match GoPro’s brand standards and develop deeper connections among employees and organizational alignment with key strategic objectives.


The success of the initial All-Hands production led to the execution of over 30 All-Hands shows, with significant improvement in creative approaches, production quality and employee engagement.

The experience demonstrated the value of professional production in enhancing the internal communications mission of these meetings. GoPro continues its All-Hands meetings using the formula it created with TMG.

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In a world where connection and communication are more critical than ever, TMG and GoPro’s collaboration produced the right blend of technology, creativity, and partnership, to enable GoPro to achieve the excellence they sought.

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