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Inductive Automation


Tucker Media Group (TMG) partnered with Inductive Automation to elevate the 2023 Ignition Community Conference (ICC), a pivotal annual event to showcase and share the latest advancements and improved capabilities of Inductive’s industrial solutions software with their installed base of a diverse clientele. With a blend of live and online participants totaling approximately 4,700 attendees, TMG was tasked with producing a seamless and engaging experience that highlighted the software’s transformative potential across various industries as well as Inductive Automation’s latest application offerings.


The ICC ’23 event was a convergence of ideas, and innovation, to propel industrial automation to new heights. Inductive Automation’s goal was to demonstrate its software’s latest transformative capabilities to existing and potential customers, by unveiling these enhancements and offerings through a series of live demonstrations, presentations, and breakout sessions. The challenge was delivering the event live and simultaneously across a diverse global audience, ensuring every participant, in-person or online, experienced the full impact of the conference.

The dual nature of the event required not only staging, lighting, and logistical requirements for the live event in Folsom, CA but also the technical expertise to engage a global audience through interactive live streaming. The mission was to deliver an experience that would effectively communicate the latest software updates, improvements, and growing benefits to its user base through several immersive sessions.


TMG was selected for its comprehensive live event production and digital streaming expertise. The solution involved a precise blend of live staging, video production, and real-time editing and switching to facilitate an interactive conference experience. This approach was designed to captivate attendees’ attention and deliver a deeper understanding of Inductive Automation’s software solutions.

Implementation Details:

  • Live Staging and Production: TMG managed all live staging aspects, ensuring that the physical setup was conducive to an engaging presentation and interaction.
  • Video Production: TMG produced various presentations, including keynotes, breakouts, a buildathon, and panel discussions, to maintain high engagement levels.
  • Real-Time Editing and Switching: TMG executed live-show editing and switching for seamless transitions between disparate live sessions to maintain a high-quality global audience live-streaming experience.
  • Global Streaming: TMG delivered the 3-day event live to Inductive’s customers worldwide, ensuring technical quality and interactive capabilities were maintained throughout.


The ICC ‘23 achieved remarkable success, connecting approximately 4,700 attendees through the seamless integration of live and streamed content. The production scope ensured that all participants, regardless of location, were fully engaged and could witness the transformative power of Inductive Automation’s solutions platform live and in varied real-world industrial applications.

This project underscored the importance of versatility and technical skill in delivering an event that meets the needs of a diverse global audience. Plans include leveraging these insights to enhance the interactivity and reach of similar future events, further bridging the gap between in-person and online experiences.

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