Tucker Media Group (TMG) has been engaged by Nutanix to perform two key roles as an extended member of Nutanix’s internal teams to provide ongoing IT, AV, and event support to internal global communications. TMG directly interfaces with Nutanix IT, AV, Marketing, and Communications teams. Additionally, TMG assists Nutanix with support for their online virtual events (meetings and webinars) hosted on multiple global video conferencing platforms.


Nutanix reached out to TMG to provide support and assistance on multiple fronts. During the onset of the COVID crisis, like a lot of companies, Nutanix was undergoing rapid change to cope with its employees working remotely. While consolidating its office environments, it engaged with TMG to help create its Town Hall meetings to keep employees worldwide unified around the company’s mission and related strategic initiatives. Additionally, TMG worked closely with Nutanix IT, AV, and Operations groups to address both infrastructural and operational changes underway to achieve improved efficiencies and ensure virtual meetings continued without interruption during a time of widespread quarantine.


As an extension of the Nutanix team, TMG was able to help Nutanix achieve enhanced operational efficiencies across international internal video communications between campuses. TMG worked closely with Nutanix to bring efficient operational scaling to in-house AV operations, related IT initiatives, and video conferencing critical to internal and external communications globally. Additionally, TMG assumed the reins in proactively producing all virtual events, including meetings and webinars across multiple video conferencing platforms. This included a minimum of two Town Hall meetings per year, engaging all employees worldwide through several presentations and performances with TMG serving a creative role while being solely responsible for the execution of every aspect of their production, including creative, planning, staging, video capture, live switching, streaming, and related logistics for all Nutanix campuses internationally.


The relationship continues with TMG in its ongoing role of supporting Nutanix’s internal and external communications initiatives and providing IT support, AV production support, and streaming services for the company’s virtual meetings and events. To date, TMG has remotely produced and supported over 1,000 Nutanix events and internal meetings of varying size and complexity.

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