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Young Life International – Walk with Me Celebration


Tucker Media Group (TMG) was engaged to produce the “Young Life International – Walk with Me Celebration,” requiring global collaboration to bring diverse cultures of Africa and the Middle East into viewers’ homes. Working with production teams across six countries, TMG produced a unified, yet diverse presentation aligned with Young Life’s brand and mission, through a three-hour online content showcase.


Young Life International sought to highlight its extensive reach and the impact of its leaders across Africa and the Middle East through a unique virtual celebration. This event aimed to transcend geographical and cultural barriers, connecting participants with the organization’s work in 27 countries. The challenge was to create an interactive experience that accurately represented the diverse regions where Young Life operates.

The project’s complexity lay in coordinating with multiple local production teams across many geographic locations, each with technical and logistical limitations. TMG was tasked with ensuring high-quality content production consistent with Young Life’s branding, requiring detailed technical specifications, and shot lists unique to each production team’s location.


TMG’s approach focused on technical precision, creative branding, and messaging consistency. By establishing clear communication channels and technical guidelines, TMG ensured each local team could produce content to fit the vision. The editorial process was intensive, with TMG’s team dedicating six weeks to editing, including integrating advanced motion graphics, 3D animation, and sound design to enhance storytelling.

Implementation Details:

  • Technical Integration: TMG developed specific technical spec sheets and shot lists for each geography’s production team.
  • Brand Alignment: TMG designed the show’s look and feel to reflect Young Life’s brand guidelines.
  • Content Production: TMG produced over 30 video elements with licensed music selections, After Effects motion graphics, and 3D animations.


The event was a success, eliminating distances through real-time interactivity and bringing participants closer to Young Life’s mission across Africa and the Middle East. The sessions allowed for simultaneous online viewing and real-time streaming interaction, fostering a deep sense of community and engagement among participants from diverse backgrounds.

This project highlighted the importance of meticulous planning, cultural sensitivity, and technological flexibility in executing a multi-country virtual event. TMG plans to continue exploring further innovations in global storytelling to help connect and inspire even larger audiences.

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The “Walk with Me Celebration” is a testament to what can be achieved when technology and a passion for storytelling bridge gaps between diverse communities. TMG invites organizations looking to make a similar impact to reach out and explore how we can bring your vision to life and create unforgettable experiences that resonate across borders. We are just a click away.

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